Waste Management

If you run a business you have a legal responsibility for the safe disposal of the waste it creates.

New UK Waste Regulations – January 1st 2015

From January 1st 2015, new UK waste regulations will require businesses to separate recyclable material (paper, plastic, metal and glass) from other waste. This amendment to the EU Waste Framework Directive is to ensure improvement to the quality and quantity of recycling across the UK. This amendment affects household and business waste.

What does this mean for my business?

It means you should ensure dry recyclable waste produced by your business (paper, plastic, metal and glass) is collected separately from other waste, such as food.

Whether your business is a 'one-man' enterprise or a large manufacturing operation - if you do not dispose of your waste legally you could find yourself facing huge fines.

Since October 2007 businesses have been responsible for making sure that at least some of their waste is recycled.

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