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Multi Tier Shelving Systems

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    Our Multi Tier Racking solutions introduce additional floor levels, greatly enhancing cubic utilisation. Generally these multi tiers fall into distinct categories, either over sailing floors, suspended walkways, or a combination of these.

    Multi Tier Shelving applications are available to both Longspan and Pallet Racking systems which are equipped with floors and stairs.

    Two types of flooring systems are commonly used: either

    • Intermediate walkways.
    • Floor-over systems.

    Or a combination of both. In general a wooden decking floor is applied.

    Designed to ensure the correct balance between storage capacity and operational efficiency, the system can be configured to accommodate a wide range of product types, utilising the full height of the storage facility.

    Mult-tier shelving systems can expand your storage possibilities, with additional benefits and advantages over conventional racking systems.

    It is ideal for situations where floor space is at a premium or there is good building height available. This is because it utilises this space that under normal conditions can’t be brought into use. The multi-tier shelving system can effectively double the amount of storage capacity of a floor area.

    •     Economical use of cubic space
    •     Can accommodate a range of storage requirement
    •     Ideal for archive storage
    •     Manual order picking applications

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