EasyFit Widespan Shelving

Our EasyFit Widespan shelving system adapts to a multitude of uses and applications of your warehouse, office, house…. For any type of load that you need to store and keep perfectly organised.

This shelving has been developed following the latest standards of the FEM, in terms of design and testing, which ensures this system to be the best choice for small and large businesses.


  • Easy to install.
  • Perfect finishing with the application of epoxy powder paint with a minimum thickness of 50 to 70 micras.
  • The design of this shelving is adaptable to any part of your business or home.
  • The original boltless racking, used by thousands of businesses and homes across the UK
  • Robust, profiled beams and angled steel posts cope easily with the toughest warehouse environments.
  • Simple, rapid assembly with no nuts, bolts or clips, just tap together with a rubber mallet
  • All shelves feature C section front and back beams, L section side beams, centre supports and 15mm chipboard decks.
  • Each shelf carries up to 400kg UDL
  • Available in 4 lengths - 1525mm, 1830mm, 2134mm & 2440mm
  • Bays are supplied with 4 levels as standard, extra shelves can also be ordered
  • Available in 3 heights - 1980mm, 2440mm, 3050mm

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items